Top of the World

Top of the World


Acrylic and oil on canvas

30” x 36”  (76.2cm x 91.44cm)

“Top of the World” is somewhat ironic in subject and meaning. Carefully executed in acrylic and oil, the painting plays off of both a childhood memory and the nearly universal desire to have things going so well in life that one feels like they are sitting on top of the world. The irony is that if I were to actually be sitting on top of the world, I’d be freezing my ass off and would much rather be sitting almost anywhere else.


Another ironic detail is that the phrase itself insinuates things are working out and going very well. The top in this painting does neither, which is exactly what I remember about tops like this as a child. It spins about as well as a drunk ballerina wearing steel-toed boots. Which is about how well the top in my memory spun, but the thought of being at great grandmas playing with a poorly spinning top still brings a smile to my face.


Johnston, IA, USA

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