This Art Is Nuts

This ART Is Nuts


Mixed Media.  Peanuts, canvas, paint, epoxy

48” x 60” (122.9 x 152.4cm)

How many times have you gone to an art museum or gallery and been confused by what you are looking at? Have you ever thought to yourself, “THAT is art?  That is nuts.” Me too. So I decided to make a piece of art that literally is nuts. Peanuts to be exact. Using 15 pounds of them from Costco mixed with epoxy and bit of sarcasm, this piece takes a thought I have heard expressed on numerous occasions and puts a playful, satirical spin on it. It is impossible to view art without having some kind of response. I hope the most common response when people view this piece is laughter or at least a little chuckle.


Johnston, IA, USA

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