Oh Boy!

Oh Boy!

Acrylic and oil on canvas

30” x 36” (76.2cm x 91.44cm)

Every year my wife and I take our three kids to Florida to visit Grandpa and Grandma. Like clockwork, every year they ask if we can go to Disney World. This happens over and over throughout the year even when we are months away from our Florida trip.  

I have been there several times. A fact that my kids repeatedly tell me is not fair. I can’t blame them since it is after all the “happiest place on earth”. However, having brought them to many non-Disney amusement parks, I am keenly aware that while the land of Mickey Mouse and his friends is a dreamy inspirational place, it will also be a day filled with tired irritable children who need a nap.


“Oh Boy” is a painting that mimics the idea of Mickey Mouse who’s life only exists on celluloid film and digital files yet he feels as though he could step right off of the screen. Combining acrylic airbrushing with traditional glazing techniques of the old masters in oil creates a sense of dimension with the illusion that Mickey is in front of the canvas and not on it.


One day soon, my kids will step into Mickey Mouses world which will fill their little minds with grand visions and memories that if they are like me will possibly more vivid than reality.



Johnston, IA, USA

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