Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid


Oil and acrylic on canvas

24” x 24” (61cm x 61cm)

Summertime and lemonade go together like skinned knees and trips to the first aid kit.


The verbal wordplay and combining the two visually as a contemporary still life using lemons to illustrate the first aid logo struck me as funny.


9 bags of lemons were strategically arranged on a 2’ x 2’ canvas in front of my studio and photographed in natural light at different times over the course of a couple of days until I was happy with the light and shadow. The photorealistic painting incorporated traditional oil techniques with numerous glazing layers to build depth on the lemons with the shadows airbrushed in acrylic.


It is intentionally playful and meant to be a visually refreshing take on a traditional still life. Similar to how a glass of lemonade is refreshing on a hot summer day. Which is exactly what these lemons became after the photos were taken



Johnston, IA, USA

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