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Jack and Coke


Jack and Coke


Acrylic on canvas

48” x 60” (122cm x 152.4cm)



As a younger man I didn't drink alcohol and  it evolved into a game  among my classmates and friends to see who would  be the first to get me to drink something more mood altering than Mtn. Dew.


Returning from a mountain bike ride in college I ran into an old friend.  Assuming I was  probably thirsty, he offered me his can of Coca Cola. As I took what I thought was going to be a thirst quenching drink, he began to laugh, celebrating his grand achievement. 


After years of people trying to get me to drink alcohol, he finally did it.  I had to laugh too, after my throat quit burning. That was no ordinary can of Coke. It was Jack Daniels with a little Coke splashed in for good measure.


I am much older now, but that memory still makes me chuckle. I rarely drink, except for the occasional glass of wine, but sometimes when the mood strikes a “Jack and Coke”.

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