Cube ISM

Cube ISM



36” x 36” (91.44cm 91.44cm)

I enjoy and find inspiration in the work and style of many artists. Some well known and some not. Picasso is a name everyone knows, but not everyone can name the artistic style he was influential in creating. "Cube ISM" is a quirky play on words of the work  Picasso was known for, and the overall design was created rather spontaneously after looking at a number of his paintings.


It is also the first joint painting by my youngest son who was 4 at the time. Often my kids join me in the studio to play or work on their own little masterpieces. Occasionally I let them paint directly on the canvas I have on my easel with the full intention of painting over it as the painting progresses. However, on this painting, not only did I leave the marks my son Collin made, I let them inspire additional elements in the painting.


There is an isolated short black line surrounded by beige on the bottom, slightly to the right of center.  Directly above it is a light blue/violet star-shaped mark. According to Collin, the black line is a leg of a dinosaur and the mark above was the sun until he decide it was a spider instead.  I decided to leave them and was surprised to find very similar “spider” shaped marks in some of Picasso’s own paintings, so I added even more of them to the composition.


What was originally just a fun homage to one of my artistic inspirations, became a treasured memory which will be forever burned in my mind.


Johnston, IA, USA

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