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“Captivation” is an aluminum wall sculpture measuring 52” W x 11” D that has 356 programmable LEDs hidden within vibrant, painted layers of aluminum. It has very dynamic iridescent light reactive brushed aluminum surfaces combined with an almost endless number of lighting programs. 


With a simple touch of a button from an iPad app, the piece can transform from a beautiful static sculpture, to gently changing relaxing patterns of color, to something that resembles fireworks in the night sky. 


Through clever design and engineering, it has the ability to look completely different every day, or night, of the year.

See Captivation in Process

welding mounting panel.JPG

Welding mounting panel

light experimentation.jpg

Captivation light experimentation

Captivation in raw aluminum close.jpg

Captivation in raw aluminum

Captivation detail.jpg

Captivation close up detail

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