C Shells

As a child, family trips to Florida involved going to the beach. We inevitably went home with a few seashells. Now I relive those Memories through the eyes of my own children as they search for seashells on our yearly trips to Florida.


As an artist, I have always thought creatively, and as a father, I try to get my children to do the same. C Shells combines a favorite childhood memory with my own quirky thought processes and was created using a bit of spontaneity. When viewed from a distance the first detail noticed is the letter C. The fact that it is made of seashells is secondary and creates an “Ah ha” moment for the viewer, similar to the sensation felt when my dies find a particularly intriguing seashell on the beaches of Florida.

C Shells

Mixed media.  Seashells, wood, paint, adhesive

24” x 36” (60.96cm x 91.44cm)



Johnston, IA, USA

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